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"We believe God for miracles."

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About Us

Who are we?
We are a purpose-driven people motivated who seek to discover, mature and execute our individual passions and assignments to support our corporate mandate to Kingdom-ize the world. 

A ministry of divine purpose, restoration, healing and empowerment; impacting the lives of people coming from all walks of life and back-grounds; a multi-national ministry intentionally crossing denominational barriers with the needs of people in its vision, declaring a message of hope, repentance, forgiveness and love.
 Partner with us as we touch lives of all ages.

Bishop's Points of Power


"Who's Filling the Gaps?"

(Acts 1:15-22)

* Not everyone can fill the gap. There is a prerequisite to being a leader.

* On your way to doing what is right, you're gonna make some mistakes in your life.

* Anyone who is going to be a leader in this hour has to have been living among us.

* The safest leader is one that has been watching another leader make mistakes (some good choices and some bad choices).

* Stop asking God to bless something you have concocted, wait on God!

* Sometimes in the nothing (in your wait) is the answer.  God doesn't say yes, and He doesn't say no, He says nothing which means to wait!

* Sometimes what you want may not be what God wants for you.

* Ask God to show you what He wants you to have. Pray!

* Prayer is applicable to every area of your life.

* The Lord's opinion out weighs everyone's opinion.

* When you don't understand what to pray, pray God's Will be done.

* Learn to shut you're spirit and emotions down and WAIT ON THE LORD!

* Ask God to order your steps.

* Begin prayer with praise.

* Prayer is not a "laundry list" of your needs.

* Prayer is saying to God, "I don't want anyone's opinion about this matter except yours."

* You will accomplish more after prayer than you would without praying at all.

* You cannot shift what God is not shifting.

* The more mature you are in God, the less mistakes you ought to be making.

* Stop using the Holy Spirit to vacuum up your dirt.

* Don't make anymore fatal mistakes, learn to wait on God.

* The Holy Spirit will warn, lead and teach you things you do not know.

* God does not need actors, He will speak to you himself.

* Prayer is God's tool to get you to know Him.

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