Twenty 1st Synergy's, Inc.

The Twenty 1st Synergy's Corporation was formed by Bishop Joseph A. McCargo in 1997 as a community-based empowerment system to provide a synergistic relationship between the church, business, and communities at large. The organization dedicates its resources to the restoration, maintenance and progression of residents of the community where it is based.

The Board of Directors and Executive Committee are comprised of area leaders with a wide array of expertise, training and wisdom coming from the local communities of the catchment areas served. These individuals are professionals and paraprofessionals with the common objective of connecting the community, revitalizing neighborhoods, and improving the quality of life for citizens without regard to race, creed, culture or nationality.

The “One Stop Concept” to provide resources and services is a central theme of this community-based empowerment system. The components of this organization are as follows:

  • Education: Training centers for infants, teenagers & adults
  • Economics: Personal empowerment through the understanding of money, business management and career development.
  • Real Estate: Community enhancement and revitalization to provide employment for and within the community. Also to provide initiative and hope to a community previously considered "lost".
  • New Business Ventures: Education centers, personal care facilities, business support, and service centers.


Twenty 1st Synergy's Group

The Twenty 1st Synergy's Group is a for-profit corporate entity that serves to manage residential and commercial properties. Our team of professionals -- with a network of strategic partners -- provides exceptional levels of services to ensure the success of the communities that we manage.

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