My Covenant


  1. Covenant of Affirmation (unconditional love, agape love): There is nothing you have done or will do that will make me stop loving you. I may not agree with your actions, but I will love you as a person and do all I can to hold you up in God's affirming love.


  1. Covenant of Availability: Anything I have -- time, energy, insight, possessions -- are at your disposal, to the limit of my resources, if you need it.


  1. Covenant of Prayer: I covenant to pray for you in some regular fashion, believing that our caring Father wishes His children to pray for one another and ask Him for the blessings they need.


  1. Covenant of Openness: I promise to strive to become a more open person, disclosing my feelings, my struggles, my hurts to you, as well as I am able. The degree to which I do so implies that I cannot make it without you - I trust you with my problems and my dreams. This is to affirm your worth to me as a person. In other words...I NEED YOU!


  1. Covenant of Honesty: I will try to mirror back to you what I am hearing you say and feel. If this means risking pain for either of us, I will trust our relationship enough to take that risk -- realizing it is in "speaking the truth in love that we grow up in every way into Christ who is the head" -- (Ephesians 4:15).


  1. Covenant of Sensitivity: Even as I desire to be known and understood by you, I Covenant to be sensitive to you and to your needs to the best of my ability. I will try to hear you, see you, and feel where you are, and draw you out of the pit of discouragement or withdrawal.


  1. Covenant of Confidentiality: I promise to keep whatever is shared within the confines of the group in order to provide the atmosphere of permission necessary for openness.


  1. Covenant of Accountability: I consider that the gifts God has given me for the common good should be liberated for y our benefit. If I should discover areas of my life that are under bondage, hung up, or truncated by my own misdoings or by the scars inflicted by others, I will seek Christ's liberating power through His Holy Spirit and through my covenant partners so that I might give to you more of myself. I am accountable to you to become what God has designed me to be in His loving creation.


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