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Feb 22

International Holy Convocation 2015

Join Us for International Holy Convocation 2015

September 2-5, Columbia, MD - City of Hope International Worship Centre

Click here to plant your seed for Holy Convocation 2015.

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United Kingdom Network

The mission of the United Kingdom Network is designed for three main purposes:

1. Facilitating Meaningful Relationships

    a) That members may find a sense of identification regardless of ethnicity, gender,

    denomination, race, creed, educational background, ministry, or business size.

    b) That members may enjoy fellowship and communion with those of like mind and passion for kingdom advancement.

    c) That members may experience the benefits of holistic support.

    d) That members may receive protection through a commitment of accountability.

2. Equipping and Developing Churches, Ministries, and Businesses

     a) By identifying and developing ministry or business skill and giftings.

     b) By imparting knowledge of biblical principles of a successful, properous life.

     c) By promoting awareness and evaluation of current trends.

     d) By sharing helpful ideas that will enhance the infrastructures of ministries or businesses.

     e) By providing seminars and workshops that facilitate the development of Christian businesses, and the planning of global Synergies.

     f) By mentoring, disciplining, and fathering its members.

3. Promoting a Common Vision

     a) That the Church of Jesus Christ may be glorious in its local expression.

     b) That the new churches may be planted and existing churches or ministries grow to maturity.

     c) That members experiencing difficulties may rely on resources available to help them through the United Kingdom Network.

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