Bishop Joseph A. McCargo

The ministry of Bishop Joseph A. McCargo spans over a period of thirty-eight years. It has an evangelistic thrust designed to preach, and teach a relative message to all humanity without regard to race, creed, color or denomination. He was consecrated to the Office of the Bishop in 1996.

Bishop McCargo is the Senior Pastor and Founder of the City of Hope at the Energy Centre formed in 1989. The Columbia base has been strategically placed as a hub to provide holistic services to the surrounding geographical regions, to include each of the Maryland counties, Washington DC, Virginia, Delaware, Philadelphia and New York through seminars, conferences, leadership trainings, evangelistic outreach, and missions.

The international arm of his ministry was formulated in 1999 through the global synergy known as the International Network of Churches, Ministries and Businesses where Bishop McCargo presently serves as the active Chief Executive Officer. The purpose of this intercontinental network is to bridge services between church, government, business and to improve the quality of life for all of mankind. The INCMB oversees more than 300 churches throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The network has been successful in providing computers for school systems in Ghana and Nigeria; medical supplies to hospitals and clinics throughout Africa, and providing support for business development in the United Kingdom.

Bishop McCargo completed his Masters of Arts and Doctorate in Theology degrees in early June of 2005. He is the Dean of the Kingdom Institute of Apostolic and Prophetic Studies, which operates in Maryland, Detroit, Pennsylvania, Woodbridge VA, Chicago, North, and South Carolina.

He is married to Elder Andrea McCargo, Chief Musician of the City of Hope. They have four children and six grandchildren.